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McCains Classic Chips         7/16   9/16  or  Beefeater 4 x 2.27kg Ardo Freeze/chill Chips     7/16   9/16  or  Steakhouse 4 x 2.5kg Country Range F/C Chips  7/16   9/16  or  Steakhouse 4 x 2.5kg Oven Chip Shop Chips            9/16 8 x 1.81kg Oven Chip Shop Chips            7/16 12 x 907g Lamb Weston  Saute Potatoes 4 x 2.5kg McCains Potato Smiles 10 x 907g McCains Hash Browns           Available by bag 8 x 1kg Blanco Hash Browns              Available by bag 4 x 2.5kg McCains Simply Mash Potato 4 x 2.5kg Cream of Crop Mashed Potato 4x2.5kg Farmhouse Whole Roast Potatoes 4 x 2.5kg Farmhouse Jacket Potato  Ex Large (30) 280-340g Traditional Bubble & Squeak 4 x 2.5kg Lamb & Weston Seasoned Potato Wedges 4 x 2.5kg EndFragment
Plumtree Farm Sausages                        8’s (80)  4’s (40) Pukka Sausages                                       8’s (80)  4’s (40) CP Tasty Sausages                                   8’s (80)  4’s (40) Butchers Cumberland Sausages            8’s (Approx 64) Lincolnshire Sausages                             8’s (80)  Gillards Savaloys (Smoked) EndFragment
Paragon Wholebeef 80% (4oz) 48 x 113g Mawbeef(90% beef  (4oz) 48 X 113g Gourmet Burger 90%  (6oz) 30 x 170g Paragon Steakhouse  100%  (Halal) 48 x 113g Paragon Wholebeef (2oz) 48 x 56g McCains Vegetable 30 x 113g EndFragment
Coated Chicken  Superior Chicken Nuggets 1 x 1kg Chicken Bites 1 x 2kg Chicken Burgers 12 x 85g Chicken Burger 40 x 90g Southern Fried Mini Chicken Fillet 1 x 2kg Hot Spicy Chicken Wings 1 x 1kg Hot Crunchy Chicken Wings 1 x 1kg EndFragment
Cooked Chicken  Chicken Halves (12/14oz) 1 x 20 Chicken Halves (8/10oz) 1 x 40 Chicken Quarters Mixed (12/14oz) 1 x 32 Chicken Breasts (10/12oz) 1 x 32 Chicken Diced 12mm 1 x 2.5kg Chicken Strips 12mm 1 x 2.5kg EndFragment
Chilled Chicken Breast Fillets (6/8oz) 1 x 2.5kg EndFragment
Rindless Back Bacon 1 x 2.23kg Smoked Back Bacon 1 x 2.23kg Streaky Bacon 1 x 2.23kg Cooked Bacon (Crispy) 1 x 1kg Cooked Flat Bacon 1 x 1kg EndFragment
Cooked Meats  Whole or Half Joint  Gammon Hams  100% Meat Available in Honeyroast or Smoked £6.59 per kg Beef Joint  100% Meat                               3-4kg approx. £9.20 per kg Turkey Saddle Superior  100% Meat       3kg approx. £7.40 per kg Cooked Gammon Steaks - Pack of 2 1 x 454g EndFragment
Sliced Gammon Ham 100% 1 x 454g Sliced Gammon Ham 100% 1 x 227g Sliced Turkey 100% 1 x 454g Sliced Beef 100% 1 x 454g EndFragment
Liver Sausage Stick                                               1 x 2.24kg Black Pudding Stick 1 x 1.36kg Salami Stick 1 x 1.82kg Garlic Sausage Stick 1 x 1.36kg EndFragment
Cheese  Mild Cheddar Cheese -  5kg Approx. £4.49 per kg Mature Cheddar Cheese - 5kg Approx. £4.65 per kg Grated Mild Cheese 1 x 2kg Grated Mature Cheese 1 x 2kg Grated Mozzarella/Cheddar mix  80/20 1 x 2kg Mild Cheese Slices                           Aprox  50 slices 1 x 1kg Mature Cheese Slices                     Aprox  50 slices    1 x 1kg Burger Cheese Slices 1 x 112 Brie Wheel 1 x 1kg Stilton 1 x ¼ Goats Log 1 x 1kg Red Leicester 1 x 1kg Soft Cream Cheese 1 x 2kg EndFragment
Battered Haddock        7-8oz         200-230g 1 x 15 Battered Haddock        10-12oz     290-340g 1 x 15 EndFragment
Plaice  Plaice Fillet                   7-8oz      200-230g 1 x 4.5g     White Fish Fingers 120 x 25g Kingfrost Fish Cakes 30 x 113g EndFragment
Cod  Cod Fillet S/On             5-6oz        140-170g 1 x 4.5kg Cod Fillet S/On             6-7oz        170- 200g 1 x 4.5kg Cod Fillet S/On             7-8oz        200-230g 1 x 4.5kg Cod Fillet S/On             8-10oz      230-290g 1 x 4.5kg Cod Fillet S/On             10-12oz    290-340g 1 x 4.5kg EndFragment
Seafood  Raw King Prawns 16/20g 1 x 908g Mussels Half Shell 1 x 1kg Smoked Salmon* 1 x 454g Superior Prawns 1 x 2kg Cooked Crab Sticks 1 x 1kg Scampi Wholetail 1 x 454g Scampi Reformed 1 x 454g Lemon Sole Goujons 10 x 454g EndFragment
Battered Small Fry        50-70g 1x 60 Battered Cod                 5-6oz       140-170g 1 x 24 Battered Cod                 6-7oz       170-200g 1 x 18 Battered Cod                 7-8oz        200-230g 1 x 15 Battered Cod                 8-10oz      230-290g 1 x 15 Battered Cod                10-12oz     290-340g 1 x 15 EndFragment
Haddock  Haddock Fillet S/On     6-7oz        170-200g 1 x 4.5kg Haddock Fillet S/On     7-8oz        200-230g 1 x 4.5kg Haddock Fillet S/On     10-12oz    290-340g 1 x 4.5kg EndFragment
Heinz Baked Beans 6 x 2.7kg TinsSt Nicholas Baked Beans 6 x 2.7kg Tins Riverdene Baked Beans  6 x 2.7kg Tins Riverdene Low Salt Baked Beans  6 x 2.7kg Tins Ballerina Plum Tomatoes 6 x 2.55kg TInsMeteor Tuna Chunks in Brine 6 x 1.88kg Tins *PER CASE
Pukka Pies Baked (wrapped)Large Steak & Kidney Large Chicken & Mushroom Large Beef & Onion Traditional Cornish Pasty Jumbo Sausage Rolls EndFragment
The Great British Pudding Company  Steak & Kidney Puddings Chicken & Leek Puddings Steak, Mushroom & Ale Puddings Lamb & Mint Puddings EndFragment
Jumbo Sausage RollsEndFragment    
6” Sausage RollsEndFragment    
Pukka Pies Baked (unwrapped)Peppered Steak      New Chicken & Gravy     New Large Steak & Kidney Large Chicken & Mushroom Large Beef & Onion Traditional Cornish Pasty Cheese Potato & Onion Pasty <="" span="">EndFragment
Small Unbaked Steak & Kidney Puddings  ( Steam only )EndFragment    
Pukka Pies UnbakedMedium Steak & Kidney Medium Chicken & Mushroom Medium Beef & Onion                        EndFragment
Baby Carrots  4 x 2.5kg Sliced Fluted Carrots  4 x 2.5kg Garden Peas ‘A’ Grade  4 x 2.5kg Petit Poi’s Peas  12 x 907g Cauliflower Florets  4 x 2.5kg Broccoli Florets  4 x 2.5kg    
Sliced Green Beans  4 x 2.5kg Whole Green Beans  4 x 2.5kg Sweetcorn  4 x 2.5kg Cabbage Savoy  6 x 1kg Button Sprouts  4 x 2.5kg Mixed Vegetables  4 x 2.5kg Sliced Onions  10 x 1kg  
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Chatsworth Eggs was an egg producing company originally formed in the 1960’s in Kirby Cross, Essex
And Pre Packed Half Dozen cartons in Size Large
Websters Foods acquired this business when the founder retired in 2001While Chatsworth farm have not been producing its own eggs from Hen’s for some 30 years, Websters Foods recognises the importance of the Chatsworth Eggs name in the local communities, and continues to carry the name into the future. We are an established egg supplier who trade only in the best quality A graded English, and free range eggs, and will continue to do so for many years to come.
We supply by Tray and case
Medium EggsLarge Eggs Extra Large Eggs Large Free range Eggs
StartFragmentNew Magnum Double Peanut 20x88ml Magnum Black Espresso 20x100ml Magnum Pink Raspberry   20x100ml New Magnum Honeycomb 20x100ml Mini Milk (Vanilla,Chocolate&Strawberry-Mixed Pack) 44x35ml Solero Exotic 25x90ml NEW Solero Red Berries 25x90ml Twister 35x80ml NEW Twister Blackcurrant 35x80ml Wall's Funny Feet 25x79ml Wall's Music Tornado 30x78ml EndFragment
StartFragmentCallipo Bubblegum 24x105ml Callipo Orange 24x105ml Callipo Shots (Lemon &Strawberry) 24x163ml NEW Callipo Shots Chupa Chups 24x77ml Chocolate Cornetto  30x90ml Cornetto Classico 24 x 125ml Cornetto Mint 30x90ml Cornetto Strawberry 24 x 120ml NEW Choco Caramel Crunch 24x120ml Cornetto Choc 'n' Ball 20x160ml Cornetto Cookies & Cream Dream 24x120ml EndFragment
StartFragmentCornetto Peanut Butter Love 24x120ml  Feast 35x90ml Feast Mint 35x90ml NEW Feast Snack Bar 30x60ml Haribo Push Up 30x85ml Magnum Classic   20x120ml Magnum White   20x120ml Magnum Double Caramel   20x88ml Magnum Double Chocolate 20x88ml Magnum Almond   20x120ml Magnum Mint   20x110ml EndFragment
StartFragmentKelly's Vanilla 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Strawberry 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Triple Chocolate 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Café Latte 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Mint Chocolate 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Rum & Raisin 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Chocolate Coconut 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Cherry Chocolate Brownie 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Salted Caramel 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Vanilla Bean 1x4.5 Ltr EndFragment
StartFragmentKelly's Bubblegum 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Honeycomb Caramel Swirl 1x4.5 Ltr NEW Kelly's Chocolate Hazlenut 1x4.5 Ltr NEW Kelly's Cornish Cream Tea 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Toffee Fudge 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Candyfloss 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Lemon Crunch 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Cookies & Cream 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Rhubarb Crumble 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Blackcurrant Cheesecake 1x4.5 Ltr NEW Kelly's Stem Ginger 1x4.5 Ltr Kelly's Eton Mess 1x4.5 Ltr NEW Kelly's Orange Marmalade 1x4.5 Ltr EndFragment
StartFragmentCornetto Soft Vanilla 15x145ml Cornetto Soft Vanilla Choc Chip 15x145ml Cornetto Soft Strawberry 15x145ml Cornetto Soft Caramel 15x145ml EndFragment
StartFragmentNobbly Bobbly 24x70ml Toffee Crumble 24x70ml Treats Festival Chocolate 24x85ml Whizzer Lolly 30x80ml Treats Festival Mint 28x85ml Treats Zzap Lolly 30x70ml Treats Snocreme Vanilla 48x53ml Treats Bubblegum Lolly 24x55ml Treats Strawberry Split 20x73ml Treats Cider Refresher 20x70ml Treats Five Ice 20x85ml EndFragment
StartFragmentVery Vanilla 1x5ltr Clotted Cream 1x5ltr Succulent Strawberry 1x5ltr Chocolate Fudge Brownie 1x5ltr Chocolate Heaven 1x5ltr White Chocolate & Honeycomb Crunch 1x5ltr Mint Choc Chip 1x5ltr Rum & Raisin 1x5ltr Cookies & Cream 1x5ltr Caramel Fudge in Clotted Cream 1x5ltr Honeycomb 1x5ltr Funky Banana 1x5ltr EndFragment
StartFragmentToffee Fudge Fiasco 1x5ltr Salted Caramel 1x5ltr Candy Floss 1x5ltr Honey & Stem Ginger 1x5ltr Carribbean Coconut 1x5ltr Coffee Mocha 1x5ltr Raspberry Ripple Pavlova 1x5ltr Lusciuos Lemon 1x5ltr Mango Madness 1x5ltr Bubblegum 1x5ltr Blackcurrants in Clotted Cream 1x5ltr EndFragment
StartFragmentVanilla Tubs 12x130ml Strawberry Tubs 12x130ml Double Chocolate Tubs 12x130ml Honey & Ginger Tubs 12x130ml Mint Choc Chip Tubs 12x130ml Sticky Toffee Fudge Tubs 12x130ml Mediteranean Lemon Sorbet 12x130ml Tropical Mango Sorbet 12x130ml New Double Choc & Raspberry Ripple 12x130ml New Salted Caramel 12x130ml EndFragment
StartFragment Classic Vanilla 5ltr  Classic Strawberry 5ltr  Classic Mint Choc Chip 5ltr  Classic Raspberry Ripple 5ltr  Classic Chocolate 5ltr  Classic Coffee 5ltr  Indulgent Vanilla with Pod 5ltr  Indulgent Strawberries & Clotted Cream 5ltr  Indulgent Belgian Chocolate Truffle 5ltr  Indulgent Rum & Raisin 5ltr  Indulgent Honeycomb Chocolate Swirl 5ltr EndFragment
StartFragment Indulgent Brownie & Cream 5ltr  Indulgent Sticky Toffee Fudge 5ltr  Indulgent Coconut 5ltr  Indulgent Pistachio 5ltr  Indulgent Blackcurrant Cheesecake 5ltr  Indulgent Maple & Walnut 5ltr  Indulgent Peach & Mango 5ltr  NEW White Chocolate 5ltr  NEW Cookie Dough 5ltr  NEW Indulgent Banana & Pecan 5ltr  NEW Classic Bubblegum 5ltr  NEW Banana & Butterscotch 5ltr EndFragment
StartFragmentFruit Pastil Natural Lolly 32x75ml Fruit Pastil Ice Screamer's 18x75ml Fab Strawberry  32x58ml Oreo Cookie Stick 20x110ml Maxibon Cookie 24x150ml Smarties Pop Up 20x90ml Milky Bar 32x32ml KitKat Cone 24x125ml Oreo Cone 24x130ml Oreo Cookie Sandwich 24x135ml EndFragment
StartFragmentCarte D'or Artiscoop Vanilla 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Strawberry Sauce 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Triple Chocolate 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Rum & Raisin 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Strawberry Cheesecake 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Caramel 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Vanilla, Choc & Cookies 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Mint & Chocolate 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Chocolate Brownies 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Bubblegum 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Greek Yoghurt & Honey 1x5.5ltr New Carte D'or Artiscoop Pralines 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Lemon Sorbet 1x5.5ltr Carte D'or Artiscoop Raspberry Sorbet 1x5.5ltr EndFragment
StartFragmentMars 24x74ml Snickers 24x74ml Twix 24x60ml Bounty 24x66ml Maltesers 24x90ml Galaxy Caramel Stick 25x88ml Galaxy Almond Stick 20x94ml M&M Cone 24x110ml EndFragment
StartFragmentCadbury's Dream 24x100ml Cadbury's Strawberry Flake Cone 24x125ml Cadbury's Flake 99 Cone 24x125ml Cadbury's Crunchie Blast 24x100ml Cadbury's Nuts about Caramel 24x100ml R Whites Lemonade 24x75ml Del Monte Orange Lolly 24x75ml Cadbury Caramel Stick 24x100ml Dairy Milk Swirls 24x100ml NEW Cadbury Daim Stick 20x110ml NEW Cadbury's Buttons Cone 24x100ml NEW Dairy Milk Popping Candy Stick 20x100ml Vimto Lolly 44x44ml Fruit Shoot Orange 24x110ml Fruit Shoot Apple&Blackcurrant 24x110ml EndFragment